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Our MBA masters consist of

Tracking the Being

Masters Program

Business Plan

International Experiences

1. Tracking the being

It starts as soon as the student is enrolled in the School and it ends right before they start their Business Plan within the core studies.

It is thought so that the student can adapt their studies and evaluations load to their availability, as well as the training in they would have to eventually take in their studies.

2. Program MBA

Our MBA, EMBA, and GEMBA programs are studied under the case study methodology, which, as was conceived by Harvard University, allows our students to acquire knowledge and experience by using a question and a real-life problem or business situation to solve, to make it possible to improve the decision-making process.

3. Business Plan

The Business Plan is a document which identifies, describes, and analyzes es un documento que identifica, describe y analiza una oportunidad de negocio, examina su viabilidad técnica, económica y financiera, y desarrolla todos los procedimientos y estrategias necesarias para convertir la citada oportunidad en un proyecto empresarial concreto.

4. International Experience

The masters is complemented with a week overseas whose purpose is to reinforce the managerial and practical leadership skills in the Political and Strategic Management of the Company.- The students choose where to undertake this week based on the options available.

Our Methodology

Our teaching is based on having the student acquire technical skills, abilities, and experience in the decision-making process and to do it based on the Harvard University methodology in an online context, without giving up on quality learning, as much as he would do in a face-to-face Business School.

Parts of the


Own Online Platform

It was created, developed in order to give the student a means which facilitates their learning process Creada y desarrollada para proporcionar al alumno un medio que facilite su aprendizaje y adaptada al método del caso.


Refined Content

The Practitioner prepares, participates actively, does follow up, and guides their students in each of the subjects, particularly during the work in the forum where the Practitioner moderates and directs the debate with their interventions to an appropriate convergence point.



The student is placed in the center of the problem situation, playing a main role not only in the acquisition of knowledge but also by ongoing actively participate in class and particularly in the forum.


Practitioner’s Active Participation.

By working on current events and companies in economic, social, and managerial topics in which there has been deep analysis and synthesis so that the student not only receives a valuable material but also transcends interpretation and assimilation.


Defined Class Sequence

Classes are clearly defined and organized, divided into work and individual instruction and work and group discussion.  They allow the student to make the most out of them and obtain the maximum benefit.

Monday through Thursday



Read the case study carefully and reflect on it.



Make an analysis by learning the most important data.



Take the self-assessment tests in order to see progress


Discussion  Preparation:

Prepare the argument to present at the forum.

Friday through Sunday



Active participation and exposure. Include personal experiences.



The Practitioner stirs the forum into action and closes it in order to achieve assimilation.