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Added Value

Our MBA provides a real managerial experience of quality according to the  5 Dimensions of Leadership (Knowledge, Skills, Being, Timing, and Network). This experience is framed under an effective learning setting: an online platform at the service of education, a worldwide pioneer ONLINE case study methodology, developed and current content, and a highly credited and encouraging faculty.





Agreement with the Transformational Leadership Model

Transformational Leadership Formula

Doing an MBA in our School gives a global perspective which allows to identify opportunities, create innovative projects and lead challenges in a ever evolving business setting. This experience, however, it goes beyond the acquisition of the theoretical content the program offers. At the School, we offer you high management education, based on the person as its origin and the focus at all times.

Since its creation, the challenge has been to train transformational leaders who, with integrity, knowledge, and leadership want to improve the society they belong to. The Business School and the Prestige Executive Formation, share the vision of what that means: to become an innovative leader with the ability to inspire their surroundings and impact society in a responsible way.

This purpose, based on the world UNIQUE LEADERSHIP, has been defined and worked in depth by leaders and CEOs from the most prominent companies, such as P&G, Pepsico, Bancolombia, ISA; Corona, Walmart, etc, (companies with whom the Business School currently has agreements).

(S) – Talent Map

It is a test proper to the map of competencies of the Leadership model, which identifies characteristics and personal motivations inherent to a Transformative Leader. This test is given out on a persona basis by a certified coach and it is only for the students with whom the School has an agreement. The coaching session is either face-to-face or online according to the student’s location.

(h y t) – Management Conferences

In order to ensure the educational success of the programs, a cycle of high level class-lectures exploring the reality of the real business world is implemented. These are streamed through our channel, in order to make knowledge accessible and make students reflect. The are taught in Bogota, Medellin, and Madrid.

H, S and T – Workshops

Some competencies development workshops take place (according to the Transformational Leadership Model and the results analysis from the global results of the Talent Map) in a local setting in Bogota and Medellin.

(n) – Network Meetings

These face-to-face local meetings take place in order to allow students and alumni to meet. This promotes strategic alliances, collaborative learning, and the opportunity to take steps forward in work projects, by the hand of world leaders in the world of business in Latin America. Additionally, GLOBAL face-to-face meetings are promoted during the Face-to-Face Weeks.

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