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International Experiences


The current challenges in business demand people to know about world referents, to develop how said referents lead their industries , to develop the necessary skills to make transformations happen, to reinforce self-knowledge that allows to face the ever changing coming with the future, to forge alliances in order to overcome complex challenges, and to acquire new competences, knowledge, and skills in the Tripple Bottom Line.

In order to respond to these needs with integrity, Westfield Business School includes International Experience in its program which allow its students to adequately face each structural challenge in the business world.

The methodology during the International Experience complements the technical training received through the online platform and allows our students to create value networks among themselves and with alumni from different cohorts, who can also take part of them.

Through the International Experience, Westfield Business Schools ratifies its international reach and character having a variety of alternatives guaranteeing a global formation at the disposal of its students.

Cities to Visited in 2019

As we are true to our purpose of forming leaders capable of building wealth within a framework of social and ethical responsibility guaranteeing sustainability in the planet, we, along with our international allies, have designed a HIGH IMPACT proposal in the Tripple Bottom Line:  Planet, People, Profit”. for the International Experience overseas.


Transformational Leadership

MADRID, Spain.

Consumer Experience: Una decisión Estratégica


Business Model Design, Innovation & Transformation

SINGAPORE, Singapore.

Smart Nation

October 2019


Sustainable Leadership & Development

October 2019

Cities to Visited in 2018


Tema: Transformational Leadership
Fecha: 2019


Tema: Consumer Experience: Una decisión Estratégica
Fecha: June 18 to 22 ,  2018


Tema: Entrepreneurial Innovation
Fecha: June 18 to 22, 2018


Tema:  Innovation in the Transformation of the Business Model
Fecha: October 22 to 26, 2018


Tema: Sustainability and Development
Fecha: October 22 to 26, 2018


The design of the International Experience was made by top tier teachers at Westfield Business School and its allies.

Every face-to-face week was built under the three premises that differentiate our school:

Practicality: Case Studies Methodology

Decision-making processIt breaks mental patterns and allows to capitalize learning.

Integrality: It is a design connected to building wealth (Profit), developing talent (People), and looking after the planet (Planet). These weeks have a memorable, collective learning with cutting-edge frameworks, discussion of real-life cases, visits to companies, and building a collaborative network which can actually provoke in the students to connect their experience with what they have learned online, breaking patterns and mental frameworks under a global view.

The participants will take part in an active learning setting which will strive for the reflections generated during the program to have applicability in the reality of each student.

International Experience Munich 2018

International Experience Silicon Valley 2018

Reservation Process

The EMBA students must reserve their places for the two weeks overseas and the MBW students for their one week overseas. The maximum number of students per week is 30 and the minimum number of students to open it is 15. These are the requirements to take into consideration:

  • The students must do the reservation to participate in the weeks overseas in advance.
  •  In case of the students having any inconveniences to attend, they must inform the office a month in advance.
  • The International Experience are mandatory according to the quality regulations by the Commission for Independent Study, USA.
  • Alumni can attend these International Experience weeks with a discount. In case any student wants to take part on an additional week, beside the required by their masters, they cn do it with the same discount.

Note: The mandatory weeks are included in the cost of the masters..

  • Students are in charge of their own accommodations, dinners, and transportation.