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The MBA at Westfield Business School offers the students a general experience of the business world and the different areas they have to undertake in order to occupy  a high management position and take on the ramifications that any business decision entails.

The complexity, uncertainty, and dynamics of a global business are part if the context Westfield Business School focuses on by trying to identify opportunities, by creating and promoting innovative projects and by leading challenges within an ongoing business environment.

The program is aimed at executives and personnel in management, entrepreneurs, consultants and all the professionals who are looking for a deep understanding of the key factors of a business and the operative points of view from the different departments within a company.


Tracking the BEING

Developing leadership skills

International Experiences

Experiences in different cities

High recognition

Degrees in USA and Europe*

Top Tier Faculty

Managerial and teaching experience.

Our own online platform

Real follow-up of the learning process


Intensive program,
with deadlines and participation.

*(The European degree is earned by means of the validation of academic credits in Management Masters from de Alcalá Global School).



Awarded by Westfield Business School under license No. 4569  – May 3, 2012 from the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education (CIE) in the State of Florida, USA.

MBA+ additional Management Masters option

Possibility to transfer credits to undertake programs at Alcalá Global School, Spain


To offer the students a general experience of the business world and the different areas they have to undertake in order to occupy a high management position and take on the ramifications that any business decision entails.

Why to Choose
Our Masters?



Of the participants



In the company of the strategies worked in the classroom



In how the global market works



We offer higher management education, founded in the person as the origin and focus of every action taken.



Professional relations, international networks


The MBA is a challenging program which promotes growth from who you are, preparing you to think in a holistic, complete,and integral way. You will develop the ability to structure and communicate sustainable business model and the way you manage them will become the best sign of your identity.


Develop operative-strategic skills that managers need in order to implement in their organizations.


Work on decision-making skills and develop leadership competencies by prioritizing variables.


Provides content, vision, and the capability to have a better approach in order to develop ideas.


Promote reflection among the students, efficient work, and the identification of problems through observation.

Work in a Collaborative Environment

The Online Case Study Methodology

In each class, the experiences starts with a question “What’s the problem?”. The answer is then built as a group in a conversation between Practitioner and students. A collaborative environment facilitates interaction. Said interaction is not based on isolated answers to a question that has been asked. It is about a dynamic discussion guided by the Practitioner and in which every intervention by the students counts.

Learn from experience and build based on it

  1. You will reinfoce: Your skill in the decision-making process from a holistic, high management in a competitive global environment
  2. You will develop: and strengthen your leadership skills in the implementation of improvement dynamics and will encourage a change in the culture within the organization.
  3. You will identify: Opportunities, and will create and push innovative projects and will lead challenges in an ongoing, uncertain business environment.


Our own online platform created and developed to give you quality learning.


The content has been developed after an important analysis and synthesis work and through a differential style that would make you question what you have read.


The case study methodology will make you face a real-life business situation, whose purpose is to make you understand what challenges and opportunities must happen after analyzing the pertaining information.


You will take part in a class with professionals from different parts of the world, with whom you will share experiences, challenges, and intense discussions.


As the main character , your work experience and your participation in the forum will be a great asset which you will see enriched in the classroom by interacting and sharing experiences with your classmates.


The Practitioner participates actively, does follow-up, and makes you question reality by contrasting your way of thinking with the rest of the participants.

Characteristics of the MBA Program


1 International Experiences



February – June – October



17 months*

(*It includes the 13 school months plus vacation)





15.000 USD
(Ask for the tuition assistance available)


The students must have a Bachelor’s Degree and/or a degree in Engineering. The students must have experience working in positions in Management and extensive experience in Business Management.

GMAT/GRE are not required  

Class Profile


Business Administration 25%
Engineering and Telecommunications 42%
Economics and Finance 80%
Other Degrees 25%

Professional Experience

Management 3%
Head Department 30%
Supervision and Coordination 22%
Consultancy 7%
Analyst 11%
Comercial 8%


Average Work Experience
6 years

Average Age
32 years old


The MBA at Westfield Business School is designed to strengthen the necessary skills and competencies in order to face the challenges within an ongoing, competitive business setting.

The program is taught online for 16 months and with one International Experience which the student can take in one of a list of countries. This International Experience period takes place in an strategic economic setting allowing for an international experience in the world of business.

consist of:

  1. A first study block “Tracking the Being”
  2. A second study block “Core”  
  3. A third study block “Specialization”

MBA Structure

-westfieldtracking the being

Tracking the Being

This is the first part at the beginning of the masters. Once students are enrolled in the school, they receive a personalized service which is flexible to their calendars.  “Tracking the Being” has four stages, whose main objective is to develop all the necessary skills to achieve the highest results and to develop the attitudes that any person would need to manage and lead projects to success.


It starts as soon as the student is enrolled in the School and it ends right before they start their Business Plan within the core studies. It is thought so that the student can adapt their studies and evaluations load to their availability, as well as the training in they would have to eventually take in their studies.


Stages of Tracking the BEING:

  1. Life Plan
  2. Learning Style
  3. Leadership
  4. Management Skills

CORE Studies

All the subjects in the CORE studies are worked under the Case Study Methodology


Zero: Tracking the BEING

Semi-customized coaching of self-knowledge.

Operations Management and Strategy
(5 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Operations Management

Part 2. Operations Strategy

Part 3. Digital Business

Management (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Talent Development Management

Part 2. General Management Principles

Management and Financial Accounting (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Management Accounting

Part 2. Financial Accounting

Marketing Management (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Marketing Strategy

Part 2. Strategic Marketing

Budget Management & Strategic Analysis (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Cost Accounting Systems

Part 2. Budget Management

Financial Analysis & Corporate Finance (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Financial Analysis

Part 2. Valuation and Investment Analysis

Strategic Management (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Business Strategy

Part 2. Strategic Decision-Making

Integral Management Projects (4 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Business Policy

Part 2. Project Management

Strategic Market Orientation (1 hour credits per semester)

Consumer Centered Sales Management & Trade Marketing

International Business (3 hour credits per semester)

Part 1. Economic Environment

Part 2. Brand Building and Communications

Advance Management Accounting (2 hour credits per semester)

Triple Bottom Line Thinking

Business Modeling & Planning (3 hour credits per semester)

Residence: (2 hour credits per semester)

Strategy Implementation


Business Plan

The objective of this course is to develop the ability of using analysis tools which will allow the student to systematize a process, from the abstract idea to a reasonably plausible business plan. This plan will have a solid financial justification from an entrepreneurial point of view.

The business plan is a document in which students identify, describe, and analyze a business opportunity; they also assess its technical, economical, and financial feasibility, and develop all the necessary procedures and strategies to transform the opportunity into a concrete business project.

  1. The business plan has two purposes:To train in, analyze, and learn about the business before setting it in motion.
  2. To be used as a presentation card of the project (usually through its short version, known as Executive Summary) and of the entrepreneurs to third parties when it is the time to lobby for any kind of financial collaboration and/or support.

The course is structured in four stages:

Picking up an Idea

In which students identify and develop the business opportunity.

Strategic and Feasibility Plan

In which students determine the technical feasibility of the business opportunity and develop the necessary procedures  and strategies in order to transform the opportunity into a concrete business project.

Financial Plan

In which students determine the project’s economic and financial feasibility.

Executive Summary and Final Presentation

In which the students present their business project to a hypothetical group of investors who will have to assess it. The students will then be entrepreneurs who have a Business Plan and they need financing for. The faculty will be the group of investors who will decide whether they will invest in the project or not.

International Experiences

With the objective of strengthen the students’ management and practical leadership skills in the Strategic and Policy Management in a company , the masters is complemented with advance courses in general management.

The courses deepen in management in the processes of defining and developing a business strategy as well as in the executives’ leadership skills in a company in a comprehensive way. Begin successful demands to things: that the organization is perceived as leading outside and that the manager is a leader in the inside. This is what we could call the business vision and the government vision.

The courses are developed in a face-to-face, intensive way, with a combination of methodologies, including preparing and discussing concretes situations in business (case study methodology), workshops, role playing, among others, all of them focused on each session’s objective.

Choose one week  in one of these cities:

Admission Process

The students must have a BACHELOR’S DEGREE AND/OR AN ENGINEERING DEGREE. The students must have experience working in positions in Management and extensive experience in Business Management.

English /Spanish user. For more information, click on the Admissions link in Home.

  1. Online Application
  2. Curriculum Vitae and minimum requirements
  3. Personal Interview
  4. Committee Evaluation
  5. Communication of the Decision

Rates and Student Help

The cost of the tuition for the Executive Master in Business Administration is 15.OOO USD

We want to help you take part in the program. For this reason, the School has a few options for you in order to help you cover part of the cost of the masters as well as different financing alternatives.

The institution also offers a limited number of partial scholarships per year, which are granted merit-based to qualified students from the masters. These scholarship cover a varied percentage of the student’s tuition fees.

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