• Westfield Business School

Ignacio Maroto Mateo


Dear students and friends,

It is my pleasure to present you all with the new website for the Business School. It reflects tha renew vision of our identity as an American institution focused on international business and with the call for strengthen, through its masters programs,  the entrepreneurial effort and the internationalization of businesses.


The Business School undertakes the development of this challenge again with the purpose of earning a new presence in the market in Florida keeping loyal to its vision of becoming “a successful international university, renowned for its educative proposal, for the its ethical behavior, and for its capability if influencing our alumni in the construction of wealth and social responsibility”.

From our beginnings, we have been an institution designed to international diversity through technology, two elements which are also the focus of our teaching action. In this context, I would like to highlight the perseverance and the ability of each member of the Business School to continue with the innovations and new entrepreneurship in the international business practice and which is strongly levered up by technology. I think that this attitude is what gives us the confidence to face our project with certainty and success guarantee.

I feel that this effort has the support of our students and alumni network, who are deeply involved among themselves and with the Business School in a meaningful way.

For those who have given us your effort, energy, and financial support, I want to thank you for your tremendous contribution on behalf of our institution. I also want to thank our students and alumni who by constantly updating their knowledge are working to make the more a more livable world.  Your day-to-day effort solidifies the School’s mission and makes us proud.