• Westfield Business School

People, Planet, Profit,

Westfield Business School’s objective is to educate human beings focused on the triple bottom line, with the capability of impacting business results while simultaneously producing a positive impact on people, society, and the planet.


To educate human beings with the capability and willingness to lead profitable businesses which can have a positive impact in the community and the environment. To offer higher management education, based on the being as origin and focus of every action; a person who will have the integrity, knowledge, professionalism, and leadership to transform the different economic industries worldwide for the integral, harmonious development of society.


Aspiring to be a successful institution worldwide, recognized for its educational proposal, ethical behavior, and its alumni’s ability to influence in the construction of wealth and social responsibility.

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As we fully believe in the importance of our actions, be put our faith in the need of overcoming challenges with joy, emotion, and sensitivity.

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We believe in service to others as part of our professionalism. We maintain our commitment to transparency and the truth, and we acknowledge our mistakes as a learning opportunity.

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Challenge reality:

Questioning oneself goes beyond the limits of managing change and uncertainty. Committing to ongoing improvement and innovation demands rigor in the normalization of methods and procedure as the basis for the continuous search of new opportunities.

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We are a team oriented toward the search, incorporation, and homogenization of knowledge, which we exchange in an unrestricted proactive manner within the framework of our confidentiality policies.

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We are a committed group of individuals who know our strength and, by overcoming our shortcomings, we complement each other and contribute to achieving our individual and collective objectives every day.

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The person as the main asset:

Because it is in the people that the capacity to contribute, change, and improve the environment in which they do their activities resides.