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European Roots

Westfield Business School go back to the year 2000 when Javier Rivera, PhD from Stanford and IE professor del IE, and Victor Ros, naval engineer and MBA from IESE, who were then teachers at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. They coincided in the need to make it possible for any person to access a new integral management education, putting new technologies available and disruptive in virtuality at the service of learning. This is how a blended methodology is born in Madrid, Spain with the intent of becoming a reference school in management education online, a school with the highest quality masters and an MBA, replacing traditional face-to-face programs.

In this way, we have established ourselves  as a school of business pioneer in offering online programs.

A trajectory marked by our students’ commitment.

The Institution, conscious as it is of a more open and international environment in the world on teaching and management, has evolved providing new models, adapting to this new way of entrepreneurial reality while still maintaining clear humanistic values and understanding that it is in the people that the most remarkable value resides in, fuelling these with their effort and hard work, and helping with the necessary changes to build more just societies and entrepreneurial environments which generate added value.

In 2006, we signed an agreement with Villanueva Centro Universitario, an institution attached to Universidad Complutense in Madrid. This agreement has made carrying out formation activities and research studies and projects possible.

Until 2017, a total of 3,879 students from every continent graduated from one of our programs. We currently keep agreements with successful international companies alive, as well as with other universities in America, Europe, and Asia.

Since 2009, we have consolidated our presence in The United States, a country who is a worldwide referent in high quality university education and training; within a competitive regulatory, transparent, demanding framework. This implies accepting the canon of value and demand regulating universitary education in The United States.

We offer educational programs with a challenging methodology as it is the case of Harvard University under license of the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) from the Florida Department of Education. This entity regulates and supervises the fulfilment of their quality standards, content, faculty, and degree of commitment with students.

In 2014, thanks to the quality in the programs, the CIE ratifies license No. 4569, which allows us to offer Masters and MBA programs with a degree and the American academic recognition.