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The Tutor

During the entirety of the program, the students will have the support of a tutor who will provide the necessary instructions to do well during the masters.

The tutor will also be the person in charge of notifying the students about the relevant aspects concerning their academic journey so that they has all the information they may require, always trying to foresee their doubts and needs and solving them should they come up.

It will be the tutor’s prerogative to warn or congratulate the student on his or her journey with the purpose of motivate them and give them advice so that they obtain the best results possible. As the tutor is the students closest contact during their instruction, he or she will act in a definite way as an intermediary between the different areas of the school in case the student requires the tutor’s help. They will stay actively in touch during the duration of the masters.

Some of our tutors


Edannis Matos

Westfield BS


Johana Mancarella

Westfield BS


Alejandra Gimenez

Westfield BS

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